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Stone Bank Farm Market Belfre Kitchen Delafield Wisconsin
Stone Bank Farm is located about six miles north of Delafield, Wisconsin. The market is located on a 75 acre farm owned by the Faye Gehl Conservation Foundation. Stone Bank Farm is dedicated to practicing and promoting sustainable farming practices and increasing the availability of high quality, locally-grown food in our community and Belfrē Kitchen is thrilled to be partnered up with Stone Bank Farm Market to bring you the freshest food in Lake Country.
Raised Grain Belfre Kitchen Delafield Wisconsin
Raised Grain Belfre Kitchen Delafield Wisconsin
Raised Grain Brewing Co. was born when two local doctors with a passion for home brewing met a former professional cyclist and local entrepreneur over some beers, of course. They were drinking a unique red IIPA that the doctors had brewed as a compromise to an argument that they had over which country, Belgium or Scotland, made better beer. They were so impressed by the beer that they decided they needed to open a brewery to share it with the world. A little over a year from that night, the doors to their brewery and taproom opened in Waukesha, WI. Oh, and that red IIPA that inspired them to open the brewery became what is now known as Paradocs Red, the Gold medal winner at the 2016 Great American Beer Festival.
Sassy Cow Creamery Belfre Kitchen Delafield Wisconsin
Rishi Tea is a Direct Trade importer of organic teas and botanicals from the very best sources. Their Direct Trade is founded upon long-standing, personal relationships with growers who cultivate ecologically sustainable gardens in remote locations around the world.

Rishi Tea believes that organic certified teas and herbs, grown without the use of agrichemicals like pesticides and fertilizers, are generally healthier for the environment, farmers, and tea drinkers alike. Over 95% of the ingredients that they import are certified organic according to the USDA NOP standard. They have even helped several producers convert from conventional to organic.

Lauku Tea Belfre Kitchen Delafield Wisconsin
Lynn Lein left her career in the health care industry and began farming with her father in 1999—literally beginning with only twelve laying hens. Despite the small number, the hens were enough to provide eggs for her family, including her three children as well as her close friends and neighbors. When Lynn’s flock grew to two hundred birds, she became determined to provide her chickens with as comfortable living conditions as possible. Her attention to detail did not fall upon blind eyes.

Neighbors would often stop by to check out her bird’s “high class” living quarters and began referring to them as “yuppies” because they had it so good. As her flock doubled and tripled in size, Lynn began direct marketing her eggs under the name, Yuppie Hill Poultry. She soon landed a few major retail and restaurant accounts in Milwaukee, as well as quickly becoming a staple at local farmers markets

Great Rive Organic Milling Belfre Kitchen Delafield Wisconsin
Clock Shadow Creamery is a pioneering urban cheese factory committed to being a model local venture. Our goal is to produce and provide our customers with amazingly fresh, local cheese. Our mission is simple; our cheese factory will tread softly on the local environment, provide opportunities to learn the craft of cheese making, educate the public on the nutrient value of fresh dairy products, and connect local farmers choices, with the values of our customers.

Opening in April of 2012, Clock Shadow Creamery is located on the ground floor of the newest “green” Fix building in the Walker’s Point Neighborhood. While it is the first urban cheese factory in Wisconsin, our cheese makers are certainly aged – with wisdom. Clock Shadow Creamery was created by the founders of Cedar Grove Cheese, one of Wisconsin’s oldest cheese producers.

teepee farms Belfre Kitchen Delafield Wisconsin
Pink Tee Pee Farms Belfre Kitchen Delafield Wisconsin
Ben and Molly Wiedenman, owners of Pink Teepee Farms started their business as first generation farmers in 2015. Permaculture and sustainability are at the core of Pink Teepee. The namesake deriving from a native way of life, following the schedule of the seasons and working with Mother Nature to farm and forage.
Ben being an Aquaponics specialist at the UW-Milwaukee School of Freshwater Sciences and Molly being a former teacher and lifelong gardener, felt they had the resources they needed to start their farm and business. They provide unique and authentic products for their CSA members and restaurants. Pink Teepee Farms grows field crops and maintains aquaponics systems using permaculture ideals and forages for wild edibles year-round without ever using pesticides, herbicides, fungicides, or treated seeds.
Ben and Molly are dedicated to providing the healthiest locally produced and foraged foods to their community!
Cafe De Arts Belfre Kitchen Delafield Wisconsin
Stone Creek Coffee is a craft coffee roaster founded in 1993 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, that employs an army of coffee geeks. They know the best coffees are cultivated and developed through the direct relationships with farmers at origin. They are committed to building lasting relationships with their producer-partners around the world.
Great Rive Organic Milling Belfre Kitchen Delafield Wisconsin
Brightonwoods Orchard was established in 1950 as a weekend retreat. Initially a hobby orchard, it grew from 3 acres to 18.5 acres, on 4,000 dwarf and semi-dwarf trees. Brightonwoods' emphasis is on preserving existing heirloom varieties and growing standard and newer commercial varieties.

A collaborative venture with AeppelTreow Winery began in 2001. The winery specializes in apple and pear fruit wines, hard ciders and dessert wines. An on-site distillery allows the winery to also produce special brandies and sorghum whiskey.

Great Rive Organic Milling Belfre Kitchen Delafield Wisconsin
The Wisconsin Grass-fed Beef Cooperative is made up of about 175 Wisconsin family farms who believe that rotationally grazing cattle is the most natural way to raise healthy, tasty beef. We raise old world British breeds such as Devon, Angus, Galloway, White Park, Hereford and others proven to be hearty and thrive on an all-forage diet.

Low-stress handling and rotational grazing keep both the cattle and the pastures healthy, so antibiotics and growth hormones aren’t used on cattle marketed through the co-op for beef. Calves stay with the cows longer, and learn natural grazing behavior from their mothers. Our well-managed pastures protect soil and water resources and provide wildlife habitat.