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The inspiration for Belfrē Kitchen

The Belfrē Story

Amy Quinn’s parents instilled in her a strong passion for exploring new places and cultures. It is a passion that she shares today with her two daughters, Carolyn and Katie.

During a girls’ trip to Santorini Greece, the three were walking through town when they noticed people filing into a small gelato shop. Interested to see what the draw was, Amy and her daughters funneled through the doorway and entered the shop. Boisterous enthusiasm and laughter filled the room and infectiously lit up each guest, including Amy and her daughters. It didn’t take long to realize it was the shop owner, whose passion for his business and life, was self-evident. It was at that time that Amy noticed a note jotted on a mirrored wall behind the counter. It read, “When I'm making Gelato I feel joy. When you choose joy, you feel good and when you feel good, you do good...and when you do good it reminds other of what it feels like! And, it just might inspire them to do the same in their own way.”

The unassuming quote flooded Amy with joyous memories of making bread with her mom, exploring new restaurants with friends, and dancing around the kitchen table with her girls. She realized how her parents’ love for connecting to people through the shared experience of food, whether growing it, cooking it together, or sharing a meal, had translated to a deep love of her own. It had shaped her desire to give her own daughters the same experiences that brought so much happiness to her life. She decided then that she wanted to come together with her daughters to share the joy that typically ensues when good food and great people come together.

It was in these few moments that the idea for Belfrē was conceived. Belfrē Kitchen was built around the belief that food and drink are a common bond that bring people together. Whether you came from across town or across the globe, sharing a meal is a sacred time when people can step back from their hectic lives to visit, reflect, and enjoy each other’s company. It should remind you of the good times you have shared with family while creating new memories in the company of friends.

Our Philosophy


Food and Friends; a simple phrase that forms the cornerstone of Belfrē Kitchen, and its playful spin on nostalgic American fare. We’re dedicated to re-crafting old American favorites, and making a few new ones, in hopes of creating new friendships through sharing our artfully crafted food and drinks.

At Belfrē Kitchen, our menu is always evolving to fit the season, and its ingredients as they become available. We believe in supporting our local economy through responsible sourcing of ingredients from local businesses and farmers whenever the opportunity presents itself. Belfrē follows this method of menu development, because it lends itself so well to the wholesome and delicious nostalgic American cuisine that we’re partial to.

Belfrē provides the local community with comfortable and inviting cuisine and cocktails, all while pushing the boundaries of the expected. We’re proud to evoke a sense of nostalgia through our cooking, but we’re just as likely to create some new and exciting memories..


The Belfrē Kitchen building is one of the oldest existing buildings on its original foundation in Delafield. It was originally built as a Presbyterian church in 1868. Eventually, the congregation of the Presbyterian Church grew too large for the building and they moved to a larger location in the area.

In the late 1960's, the church was transformed briefly into a theatre. The Theatre existed for two years until Ray Brehmer transformed the church into a gift and antiques shop, naming it 'The Steeple.' The building is still affectionately referred to as ‘The Steeple’ throughout the Lake Country area.

The Brehmer's also converted the back half of the church into their home. In the late 70's they also added another level to the steeple exposing the bell.

In the 80's Bob Lang arrived in Delafield and starting transforming the streets and storefronts into the Colonial style they are today. Known for their calendars and candles, Lang put his shop in ‘The Steeple’.

The building was vacant for a few years after Lang closed his shop, and in 2010 two local ladies opened ‘Unique’ in Delafield, a woman's clothing and gift shop. They added the bay windows to the front of the building.

In 2014 Aeva Wedding &Party moved into the Steeple, offering an eclectic balance of vintage and new designs. In April 2016 owner Ariel Arnson closed her storefront to focus on creating custom designs including veils and dye work.

In May 2016 Belfrē Kitchen found its home in the Steeple. After completing the renovations to house the building’s first restaurant and preserve the charm, we opened our doors in October.

‘The Steeple’ has been home to many local businesses each maintaining a dedication to the local community, adding to the building’s rich character and charm.