About Us
Stone Bank Farm Market Belfre Kitchen Delafield Wisconsin
Stone Bank Farm is located about six miles north of Delafield, Wisconsin. The market is located on a 75 acre farm owned by the Faye Gehl Conservation Foundation. Stone Bank Farm is dedicated to practicing and promoting sustainable farming practices and increasing the availability of high quality, locally-grown food in our community and Belfrē Kitchen is thrilled to be partnered up with Stone Bank Farm Market to bring you the freshest food in Lake Country.
Raised Grain Belfre Kitchen Delafield Wisconsin
Raised Grain Belfre Kitchen Delafield Wisconsin
Raised Grain Brewing Co. was born when two local doctors with a passion for home brewing met a former professional cyclist and local entrepreneur over some beers, of course. They were drinking a unique red IIPA that the doctors had brewed as a compromise to an argument that they had over which country, Belgium or Scotland, made better beer. They were so impressed by the beer that they decided they needed to open a brewery to share it with the world. A little over a year from that night, the doors to their brewery and taproom opened in Waukesha, WI. Oh, and that red IIPA that inspired them to open the brewery became what is now known as Paradocs Red, the Gold medal winner at the 2016 Great American Beer Festival.
Sassy Cow Creamery Belfre Kitchen Delafield Wisconsin
Sassy Cow Creamery Belfre Kitchen Delafield Wisconsin
Sassy Cow is the result of two farms that are owned and operated by the brothers James and Robert Baerwolf and their families. James and Robert are the third generation to farm the land located in Columbia County, WI that their grandfather purchased in 1946. James and Robert's parents farmed the land their entire lives and are still actively involved with the family operation even in their retirement years, and their children take an active role on the farms today.
Lauku Tea Belfre Kitchen Delafield Wisconsin
Lauku Tea Belfre Kitchen Delafield Wisconsin
In the rural countryside of Latvia, in the far northeast of Europe, there is Ozolini farm. Here, acres of floral meadows and forests are cared for by the Lukina family. From the natural abundance of their land, the Lukina family has made herbal tea for two generations. Every petal, leaf, berry and herb is handpicked, hand-dried and hand-packaged with care.
teepee farms Belfre Kitchen Delafield Wisconsin
Pink Tee Pee Farms Belfre Kitchen Delafield Wisconsin
Ben and Molly Wiedenman, owners of Pink Teepee Farms started their business as first generation farmers in 2015. Permaculture and sustainability are at the core of Pink Teepee. The namesake deriving from a native way of life, following the schedule of the seasons and working with Mother Nature to farm and forage.
Ben being an Aquaponics specialist at the UW-Milwaukee School of Freshwater Sciences and Molly being a former teacher and lifelong gardener, felt they had the resources they needed to start their farm and business. They provide unique and authentic products for their CSA members and restaurants. Pink Teepee Farms grows field crops and maintains aquaponics systems using permaculture ideals and forages for wild edibles year-round without ever using pesticides, herbicides, fungicides, or treated seeds.
Ben and Molly are dedicated to providing the healthiest locally produced and foraged foods to their community!
Cafe De Arts Belfre Kitchen Delafield Wisconsin
Cafe De Arts Coffee Roasting Company was started in 2009 by owners Ayhan and Gulten Munzur as a family owned and operated European style coffee house and micro-roastery. Roasting all coffee on site, many of which are Fair Trade and Organic, Ayhan Munzur brings his years of experience of roasting coffee in Instanbul, Turkey to their newly renovated location in Waukesha, WI.
Great Rive Organic Milling Belfre Kitchen Delafield Wisconsin
Great River Organic Milling Belfre Kitchen Delafield Wisconsin
Great River Organic Milling is located on the upper Mississippi River, in the heart of what is called the Hiawatha Valley. The natural beauty of the area is a constant reminder of the importance of their commitment to organic agriculture. Most Great River flour is stone-ground. They believe the natural granite millstones contribute to the quality, taste and nutritional integrity of whole grain flour. Grain flowing into the stones becomes very thin, flat flakes which integrates all parts of the wheat immediately into the flour, allowing the flour to have more flavor.